15 December 2010

The Midwives Noddy Badge

06 December 2010

No·mad'ic adj. + mid·wife n.

no·mad'ic adj. roaming about from place to place without a fixed pattern of movement
mid·wife n. a person/women trained to assist women in childbirth.

The nomadic Midwife - for me this describes my personality in some ways but also this incredible journey of life - mine and the Babies I am so blessed to welcome into the world.

Whilst I am not yet a qualified Midwife - I am on this amazing, scary journey to becoming a certified practicing Midwife. 
My journey began as a furniture designer and roamed with out a set pattern to becoming a Doula (Birthing Companion) and now into Midwifery...... 
Over the years this journey has taken me traveling all over the world instilling a passion and respect for different countries and cultures....... 
I have decided to do my Midwifery Practical in as many countries and different cultures as I possibly can thus hopefully expanding and opening my mindset.
I will start out in January 2011 with theory studies and a trip down to the Eastern Cape, South Africa where a group of us will volunteer as Doulas at the Bus Fare Babies project for a week.
Then on to Dublin to spend time with my Niece Miss Molly and meet the new addition to the family from there I am going to San Francisco to study at Heart and Hands with Elizabeth Davis.......
From there I will then travel all over the world to NARM registered hospitals to gain my Practical before returning back to Africa.

Nomadic Midwifery - the journey of mother and child, a journey without map it is endless and directs you to places you never knew existed within yourself...... showing you, who you are and who you can be. Leading the maiden to Motherhood and Foetus to Baby...